Asking the question, “What can you do for One?”

When get involved?

We could not do what we do without our volunteers! Our volunteers are making an eternal impact, not only for the child but also for the family. The task at hand may appear to be small, but the impact is eternal. We cannot thank our volunteer enough!

Families Count

Families Count is a Christ-centered ministry of Foster One that focuses on family restoration and preservation. It targets parents who are at-risk for having their children removed from their homes and parents who have lost custody of their children and are working toward reunification. There are six classes that parents participate in with the option of being matched with mentors from within the local Church.

Family Support Network

Get involved by joining the Family Support Network. Being part of this network will ensure families in need (foster/kindship, adoptive & biological) will have the burden of purchasing items removed so the main focus of each family is to love the child. When you join, you’ll receive an email when there’s an urgent need from a family. There are two ways YOU will be able to support. You can either donate financially for part or all of the item being requested, or purchase the item(s) directly and the Foster one team with get everything to the family.

Get my church or organization involved

  • I want my church/organization to join the movement and make an impact and change in the Child Welfare System
  • Support Families 
  • Wrap Around Teams 
  • Families Count 
  • Mentors 
  • Hospitality 
  • All in Orphan Care 
  • Host a 6-week class where attendees will see and find how they can be involved. 
  • StoreHouse Drive
  • Help keep the StoreHouse fully stocked of items for families.


StoreHouse Drive

  • The StoreHouse has never been busier. Without a fully stocked StoreHouse, we are not able to meet the needs of every request that comes in. 
  • Are you able to help supply items for our StoreHouse? Or do you, your church, organization or company want to join together and do a drive collecting items to keep out StoreHouse fully stocked? 
  • Email to set up drive and go over needed supplies.

Prayer Team

Families and children are under attack, spiritual attack. The moment a family says yes to becoming a foster family, the attack starts. We have seen physical illness, water heaters and furnaces go out, misunderstandings among couples and more, all the week a family starts the process. 


  • $50 = Diapers for 1 Month for a Family 
  • $100 = Car Seat for an Emergency Placement 
  • $200 = Crib for Family Licensing for Foster Care 
  • Any Amount Has the Impact to Change a Life
  • Every Donation Matters 
  • Every Donation Makes a Difference 
  • Every Donation is Tax Deductible

Find Your Spot in Orphan Care

All In Orphan Care is a six-session book study designed to prepare and equip those trying to find their spot. Some become foster or adoptive families, many learn how they are able to support families involved in the foster care system.