What is the StoreHouse?

Being foster parents ourselves, we know and understand the complexities of being a foster parent. Based off of what we have first handily learned as well as what we wish we had available to us, the Storehouse was created. The StoreHouse is designed to help assist families with removing the burden of having the correct items and resourcing them to be the best parent, foster parent or caregiver for the child.

For Foster Families, the unknowns and uncertainties in foster care, the unknowns of what is or may be needed for each placement as well as emergency placements, the StoreHouse is here to help assist you in the beginning of a new placement. 

For Kinship Families, you have opened your home to a child you know closely. You did not sign up to become a foster parent but want to keep the child close and with family and friends. The StoreHouse is here to help assist you as you prepare your home and lives for caring for the extra child(ren). 

The StoreHouse can also be utilized for Biological Parents who are working hard to either prevent foster care or who are reunifying back with their child(ren). Often to prevent a removal a safe sleeping space or other minor needs have to be met. For a family reunifying, often the parent(s) is starting a new live and needs assistance with obtaining items to be the best parent they can be. The StoreHouse is here to resource you.